Tips For Keeping Your Parking Lots Clean And Maintained

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When we go shopping our minds are primarily on getting into the store, finding what it is we need and then getting out, so our day isn’t eaten up.  As we travel from store to store have you ever paid attention to the parking lot? 

The parking lot is a very important part of the shopping experience.  When entering a store parking lot you are given a first impression of how the stores care for themselves and their customers.  Making sure that the trash cans outside of the stores are emptied and lose trash isn’t blowing around, that cigarette butts are picked up and disposed of, and general trash is picked up.  Many companies may have employees doing this on their breaks, however, larger companies may hire parking lot sweeping services washington.

parking lot sweeping services washington

In general, a parking lot should be cleaned twice to three times a day.  The first should be done before the store opens in the morning.  This will typically be when the store is about to open, and employees want to make sure that any debris from the previous night is present.  There is nothing worse than seeing a dirty store first thing in the morning.

The next time should be at closing.  When the store begins to close employees should take time to collect carts, sweep the parking lots and empty trash bins.  Taking these simple steps will ensure that the store will be presentable for business the next morning.

Random times in the day.  Throughout the day employees should do a quick spot inspection of the parking lot.  These inspections can be done during breaks, while going to and from their car for lunch or whenever they have a free moment to catch a breath of fresh air.