The Many Different Ways You Can Sharpen a Knife

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Many of us have been there. We’ve known how it feels to have a dull knife, with no knife sharpener on hand. This is not a good feeling when you’re in need of a sharp knife to do your tasks in the kitchen, in the campground, or anything else.

To help you avoid this issue when you are faced with the same problem, we have assembled some of the best tips to inform you of different ways you can sharpen your knife blade when you don’t have a knife sharpener handy.

If you have a knife or several knives that you’d like to have sharpened professionally, you should look at some of the options for knife sharpening hilton head island professionals who can make your blades as good as new.

No Sharpener? No Problem!

There seemingly comes a time in everyone’s life where they have a knife they need to sharpen, but no knife sharpener in sight. If this is the case for you, you’re in luck, because there are plenty of alternative methods you can employ to get your blade back in tip top shape:

·    Use a nail file. Nail files are popular for filing down your fingernails, but did you know they can also come in handy for sharpening a knife? They’re pretty rough, and pretty similar in texture to legitimate sharpening stones.

·    Use sandpaper. Sandpaper, like nail files, has a similar texture and roughness that is like that of sharpening stones. You can lie down some sandpaper on a flat surface and use this method to sharpen your knife in a pinch.

·    Use a brick. A good-old brick is another of the random things you encounter in your everyday life that is similar in roughness and feel of a normal sharpening stone. If you don’t have a sharpening stone handy but do have a brick or two lying around, employing a brick could be a good way to restore your blade to its former sharpness.

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This small list is by no means exhaustive, and there are several other options you could check out for when you need to sharpen your blade in a pinch. While sharpening stones are the best bet, it is amazing how many everyday objects you can use to get your blade good as new.