4 Farm Jobs You May Enjoy

operator grain hauling

Some people enjoy working with the public or in an office. But, for others, nothing makes them happier than a hard day’s work on the farm. They appreciate the long days they put in to produce crops and raise livestock. It’s profitable and for a certain type of person, an amazing job. There are many different types of farm jobs you may enjoy if you share in the desire to make a difference in your day of work.

1- Haul Grain

Farmers need grain haulers to help transport their product once it is easy. As an owner operator grain hauling professional you’ll earn great pay, benefits, and plenty of working hours. No experience is necessary but you will need a CDL.

2- Tend to Livestock

If you enjoy livestock such as goats, cows, and sheep, working as a livestock attendant on the farm could be a suitable job for your needs.  The work is difficult but most people find it rewarding and relaxing.

3- Sales

Maybe you want to be a part of the farm operations but prefer keeping your hands clean. If you have a gift for gab, a sales position could be what you want and need. Sales positions oftentimes pay commission but the money can be great for the right person.

4- Farm Hand

operator grain hauling

A farm hand is around to complete various tasks on the farm. He may complete duties ranging from milking cows, feeding the livestock, bailing hay or even simply cleaning things up.

Farm work is an in-demand job for anyone that doesn’t mind a little bit of hard work in exchange for great pay and other perks. The four jobs listed here are only a few of the many farm type positions you may want to learn more about.